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Why You Should Send Your Little Ones to an Early Childhood Centre

The foundation years of your child’s life are arguably the most important since that is when they predominantly shape their views and future. Choosing to enrol them in an early childhood centre is the best way to ensure you provide them with the opportunity to begin their learning journey.

The Importance of Early Learning Childcare

Curious to know more about why you should enrol your little one into an early childcare centre? Here are some ways we believe children benefit from attending:

  • Your child’s educational development is vital in their early years, and unless you have extensive experience within childhood development, you could always use an extra hand. Early childhood development centres offer individuals who have studied the profession and have the relevant experience necessary to guide your child on their learning journey through specific educational activities.
  • A good childcare gives children a safe and nurturing environment to explore the world. Whilst also learning and gaining important skills to thrive not only at school but in life such as when children interact with people other than their parents, they learn to trust other people and be more confident within themselves
  • A surprising advantage to early learning is the positive impact on a child’s behaviour.

By enrolling your child in an early childcare centre during these fundamental years of growth, you’re offering them a promising and bright future.

When Looking for a Childhood Centre, Consider This

Now that you as a parent better understand the importance of early learning, here are some factors we believe you should know when seeking the ideal early childcare centre:
  • Find out about the centre’s philosophy – this is a centre’s statement about what matters most to the people in the centre. Does this fit with what matters to you? It is an outline of values and beliefs as well as approach towards children’s learning. As a parent, we feel it is important to see if the philosophy aligns with our families’ values and beliefs.
  • The level of education your child receives is only as good as the capabilities of the teachers at hand. For this reason, we employ trained and qualified teachers that have the necessary experience working with young children.
  • Health and safety procedures are non-negotiable when it comes to choosing an educational childcare facility. We have strict policies in place that ensure your child’s health and safety are a top priority at all times.
Our multi-dimensional approach in our centre helps give you peace of mind that your little one is in capable hands.

Contact Child’s Time Early Learning Centre

Child’s Time Early Learning Centre is a family-owned business that focuses on the needs of young children through special attention and care. Jo, our owner, has more than 20 years of experience working with children and our warm and welcoming atmosphere will set your mind at ease.
Give us a call if you are curious to learn more about our procedures and pricing. 

Encouraging independence

By the time your 3-5 year old child moves to our Prepschool room, he/she will be developing a whole new range of skills.  Our aim for this age group is to encourage children’s independence and self-help skills as they prepare for the transition to school. Children in this room participate in regular visits to our local school where they enjoy library visits and discovery time. 

Providing meaningful experiences

We recognise the importance of providing Prepschool children with meaningful experiences, reflective of each child’s individual and collaborative strengths, abilities and interests.  Our programme allows for both structure and free choice offering activities that develop early numeracy, language, literacy, social and physical development. 

Interactive learning

Children’s individual leaning and development is documented online on our Storypark software programme. This forum provides parents with an interactive tool to be part of their child’s development and allows whanau to make regular contributions to their child’s learning.

Our Prepschool facilities and programme have been designed to both challenge and stimulate.  Visit us today.  Our 4 year olds would love to show you around.

Parent Recommendation

"Child’s Time was a second home for our family for over 4 years. My eldest started when he was 11 months old and his sister joined him two years later. Both my children loved their time at Child’s Time and thrived so much in the nurturing, caring and supportive environment.

The facilities are wonderful, constantly refreshed and changed up to keep the kids interested and the teaching staff are AMAZING.

We especially appreciated the Centre’s love and support during family losses and the challenging times of 2020!

Can’t recommend Jo and her team enough! 🥰" - William & Georgia's Mum


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