Our Nursery Centre

A Day Care Centre Your Family Will Love

Our day care centre can provide your child with a stimulating environment and supportive, qualified teachers to help them thrive through their early years. We care for children from three months through to when they start school and ensure to meet their requirements at every stage of their development.

Benefits of Our Nursery Centre

You can enjoy the numerous benefits of our family-owned day care centre.

  • Exceptional learning program:
    Our quality teacher to child ratio ensures we can cater to your child’s individual needs. We observe and respond to every child to enhance their learning journey and development. Our observations combined with information you share about your child means that we can plan a curriculum to provide your child with opportunities that extend their play and develop their strengths and interests.
  • In-house cook:
    Your child can enjoy the health benefits of having an in-house cook at our centre. We have a variety of healthy and delicious home-cooked meals that the children eat around the table, allowing them to learn new skills and social interaction. You can rest assured knowing that we cater to children with dietary requirements and food allergies.
  • Close bonds with educators:
    We take the time to get to know families and develop close bonds with the children at our centre and their parents. This positive relationship can give parents peace of mind and help children feel safe, secure, and happy during their time with us.

Our teachers offer positive and encouraging guidance in our fun, friendly, and stimulating environment.

What You Should Know About Our Day Care

We provide exceptional day care with a learning curriculum to help children prepare for the transition to school.

  • We participate in the 20 hours early childhood education scheme:
    As participants in the ECE scheme, children aged three to five can attend our learning centre fully subsidised for up to 20 hours per week, so you don’t need to worry about day care cost. Your child can attend morning or afternoon sessions or as part of their full enrolment.
  • We provide honest and open communication:
    We ensure that you remain well informed about what is happening at our centre and how your child is settling into our environment. Along with regular updates at drop off and pick up times, we also use a secure online tool to share about your child’s learning. We create nursery journals with daily updates for children under one, weekly blog posts for older children, and monthly newsletters with general information.
  • We take a holistic approach to learning:
    We provide an inclusive centre where your child can learn, grow, and thrive in a stimulating environment with a focus on the child leading their learning with the support of teachers.

Why Trust Child’s Time Early Learning Centre With Your Family Day Care?

Our family-owned childcare centre provides exceptional care and a holistic learning environment for children aged three months to six years. We build positive relationships with families through open communication and strive daily to meet your child’s needs. We employ highly trained teachers to guide and care for the children in our warm, welcoming, and stimulating environment. Contact us to find out more about our day care.

An extension of your home

The needs of your child will be our highest priority as we work together with you to ensure your child settles well, feels happy and secure which will give you peace of mind. We see our Nursery as an extension of home and will work with you to create a routine for your baby that easily transitions from home to our centre.

Excellent staff to child ratios

Our Nursery offers excellent staff to child ratios, ensuring each child receives high quality care throughout the day.  We have designed a separate area for young babies where they can have safe floor play away from children who are just starting to crawl and walk.

A vast range of activities

We have a separate sleep room which provides a quiet space for babies to enjoy restful sleep.  A range of activities are provided that allow them to experiment and explore through a variety of play and sensory experiences. Every teacher is responsible for observing and responding to your child to deliver a programme to enhance their holistic development.   We encourage parents to share information which we can use in our planning and also love feedback from our families.  Our wonderful, nurturing teachers look forward to getting to know you and your baby. 

Parent Recommendation

"Child's Time in Penrose has been our twins day care for about 1 year. Our twins loved going to the Nursery specially to see the teachers as they were very loving and caring towards them. We were pleasantly surprised how informative and supportive the centre was throughout Covid. Not to mention the daily comms and progress of the twins on Storypark which we really appreciated given our busy lives. As far as we knew this was the only centre we have looked into that went to the extent of having an open comms channel with the parents. We cant recommend enough how well the centre is structured and run, from the management to the teachers." - Kaavya & Kavindu's Dad


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